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A J Cook Engineering Ltd appreciates and understands that there are risks concerning the supply of Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Suspect Items (CFSI's) which unfortunately could carry over into our precision components and that many of our customers require their suppliers to ensure processes and procedures are put in place to prevent CFSI's becoming part of their products.

Counterfeit or Fraudulent materials are materials where their origin, age, composition, configuration or other characteristic have been represented falsely to a customer in the following ways:

  • Incorrect or misleading of marking the material, labelling or packaging.

  • Falsified documentation.

  • Other means, secluding or failing to disclose information upon request.

A J Cook Engineering has taken steps to mitigate any risks of CFSI's forming part of their products with processes and procedures within its ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.

When ever possible, our procurement team will purchase materials and parts directly from manufacturers or approved suppliers, our suppliers are continually evaluated through our Quality System to ensure we are monitoring and are aware of any issues that may arise. Unfortunately it is inevitable that we will have to use a supplier from time to time that is not approved through our Quality system or is new to supplying the company, when this is a necessity we shall only use suppliers that can demonstrate, quality and source of the materials.

All of our materials are purchased to customer agreed requirements/ specifications, material test certificates can be provided with all our jobs upon request.

Incoming product is accompanied by certification if requested, which is checked against the original Purchase Order.

Our Goods-In department evaluates/ inspects all incoming materials and parts for suspected non conformities against purchasing specification, in-line with our documents process.

When a non-conformance is discovered it is immediately segregated, tagged and a Corrective Action Request (CAR) is raised to document the issues, solution and outcome.

If a counterfeit item is discovered within the A J Cook Engineering Ltd supply chain, we ensure that our customers are informed immediately to enable them to stop the use of these components until the issue has been investigated further.

Below is a downloadable copy of our CFSI Policy that all employees are expected to read and understand whilst they go about their day to day work and a reminder to stay vigilant when accepting materials and components into the building.

Form AJ042 - CFSI Policy
Download PDF • 204KB