Manufacturing Brought Back to the UK


Many UK based businesses continue to outsource their manufacturing to the Far East which has been a constant headache for UK based Manufacturing companies for some time. With lower than average manufacturing costs it can be easy to understand why, however quality and reliability can be an even bigger issue.


A customer approached us for a quotation for a small batch of critical Titanium components with a fast turn around that formed part of the structure required in a prototype medical instrument. They had an existing order outsourced to an overseas manufacturing company however had been waiting months already. The team at A J Cook Engineering met with the customer the same day to discuss the design and potential changes that could be made to engineer out features that would have had to be spark eroded in.

The Outcome:

Our initial quotation was accepted, material ordered and the components delivered within the specified time frame, much to the excitement from our customer, who was able to be rest assured that their project could continue according to plan. Shortly after this batch was delivered we were delighted to receive another order for an increased quantity and to this day A J Cook Engineering continues to supply this customer with these components.